Quality Health Care for All

Imagine a place where all health care is created equal, a place where the quality of care would not be determined solely by one’s financial resources (or lack thereof). For 20 years, the Jackson Medical Mall has been that place.

The Jackson Medical Mall, known as a “modern medical miracle,” is an 800,000+ square foot mixed-use facility, with the capacity to conduct approximately 500,000 healthcare encounters yearly. There are dozens of clinics inside the mall, providing quick, quality services ranging from cancer treatment to ambulatory services and specialty care; And strategic planning and partnership has been the key to it all.

According to Dr. James Keeton, quicker turn around times can be attributed to the partnership between the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) and Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Care Center. “The clinics we have here are a part of our education (program). Residents, interns and students take longer to see patients. So we couldn’t turn out patients as quickly as the Jackson Hinds Comprehensive Health Care Center could,” says Keeton. “Now they are almost a filter system. They see patients who may not need to be in our teaching clinics. They can move those patients along quicker and they refer to us for the specialty care that’s needed. They are experts at seeing patients needing primary care and we’re experts at specialty care. So the combination made us able to see patients and give the care quicker.”

Partnerships and collaboration are the backbone of the Jackson Medical Mall’s success, and for this reason, the Mall is frequently patronized as an innovative medical facility, providing quality healthcare for all.

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