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The Jackson Medical Mall building has been well maintained since its renovation and reopening 1997, and therefore, requires very little beyond standard and routine upkeep and maintenance. The Mall is 98.9 percent occupied, and there are five anchor tenants with a 15 to 20 year lease term. Healthcare related tenants in the Mall generate 200,000 healthcare visits annually, and the Mall as a whole sees approximately 5,000 visitors a day. In addition, Mall tenants account for over 1,500 full-time equivalent positions and an annual payroll in excess of $25 Million.

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There's nothing like arriving on the Medical Mall that sits proudly in the center of the state’s capital city, providing high quality health and community services to the public. Explore several medical categories listing.

Educational Institutions

The Jackson Medical Mall features educational institutions including preschools, childcare, and universities that provide a large variety of learning opportunities and environments.

Shops & Commercial Services

The Jackson Medical Mall features a variety of both commercial chains and locally owned and operated small businesses and eateries.

Healthcare Services

Shop a variety of healthcare providers ranging from primary care to special care and general health services. Explore our tenant directory for the full list of health and medical services available to you.


Explore a variety of offices that provides quality goods and services to mall visitors. Services such as taxes, daycare, insurance, health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Jackson State University Dept & Offices

This modern medical and retail facility houses the Jackson State University School of Public Health, the only public health college in the state of MS.

University of MS Medical Center

University of MS Medical Center offers services that provides exemplary care for patients and their families. Services such as health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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Through health and community services, beautification and expansion projects, the Foundation seeks to holistically improve lives and revitalize communities.

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