Community Development: Micro to Macro

Holistic community development is as much about developing nice structures as it is about developing the people within the community. The Foundation has adopted this concept, by strategically making efforts to provide assets and resources for the people within the community, while strengthening its physical and structural fabric.

Jackson Medical Mall Foundation employee, Atesa McKinney is an example of the Foundation’s commitment to fostering an environment for people to thrive. McKinney began her career for the Foundation as a Mobility Manager. Her passion for helping others and working with the vulnerable populations soon translated into a mound of opportunities for growth and personal development. After extensive training, McKinney’s role quickly expanded to Mobility Manager, Patient Escort and Call Center Supervisor. “Since working at the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation, I’ve had the opportunity to travel and gain knowledge in the world of transportation. I’ve also been given the opportunity to earn certifications that allow me to train other individuals that work on my team, as well as individuals who work with transportation agencies in our region, says McKinney. “I have a love for helping people and I’ve wanted to work with the elderly, disabled and children populations. While here, I’ve been granted the opportunity to get my CNA license because of the tuition assistance program here at the Foundation, which allowed me to work a part time job with the elderly population.”

In addition to making giant strides towards accomplishing her career goals, McKinney also took advantage of the housing options offered through the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation. “My experience living in Homestead Heights/East Village has been a great one. I love the fact that it is so close to work. It’s so quiet. My neighbors are all friendly and I’m fortunate enough to live next door to a law enforcement officer. I think that gives my family a lot of peace,” she says. “My only bad experience was seeing a snake. I didn’t know if I would make it to work that morning because I was terrified to come out the house. Thankfully, the lawn care workers took care of it. I think they laughed at me afterwards. I laughed at myself. Overall, I love it! It’s affordable and has really been a positive turning point in my life.” Fostering change and creating positive turning points is one of the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation’s greatest accomplishments.

The Foundation understands that development begins with people. From the micro to the macro levels, the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation will continue to assert its commitment to transforming its zip code in the way that Dr. Aaron Shirley began in 1996.

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