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In 2014, the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation established CARE4ME Services to bridge a gap in HIV preventive services offered within the Jackson Metropolitan Statistical Area.  The programs are designed to engage the community to promote our “community wellness concept” with specific services designated for males. A description of CARE4ME Services’ programs follows:

  • 5Voices@6 is an innovative five-session program that fosters leadership and empowerment through communication and mobilization intertwined with expressions of art and culture in the reduction of HIV among young men of color. The overall outcome is to actively improve the health outcomes of young men of color by enhancing entry into care and building foundations of support, promoting wellness and medical adherence and facilitating long-term retention in HIV care, intervention, and prevention activities. This program enables participants to serve as a bridge and to be a voice in their communities.
  • TTK (Test to Know) actively provides individual and community level outreach activities, and conducts targeted rapid HIV testing and other health screening via the mobile medical unit. The TTK is a “best practices model” to reduce new cases of HIV among hard-to-reach populations at high risk for HIV. Services are reflective of CDC’s High-Impact HIV Prevention (HIP) approach.
  • The SPOT (Safe Place Over Time) is dedicated to providing an array of services and opportunities to young men of color that focus on wellness, empowerment, and leadership. Over Time, The SPOT will become a Safe Place for its members to openly discuss issues and challenges to help improve their quality of life and to promote the concept of self-worth.  PrEP is promoted and referrals are made as needs are identified. Young men of color become members of The SPOT by completing Keep It Up!, a tailored interactive online HIV prevention program or Man in the Mirror program. Since its official opening on April 11, 2017, The SPOT has gained notoriety across the United States for its innovativeness in addressing and providing holistic services.
  • Speak Your Truth is a team of pro-active wellness advocates who educates on the importance of community wellness and to reduce stigma. The convening of the Speak Your Truth community sessions promote and improve the overall perspective of HIV testing, reduce the fear of retribution, shame, and misinformation about the modes of transmission. During the sessions, the team members ‘speak their truth’ about their personal life experiences.
  • HOPWA (Housing Opportunity for Persons Living with HIV) provides housing assistant and supportive services for eligible persons and their families in the Jackson Metropolitan Statistical Area.
  • ‘just know’ Campaign is a syphilis reduction project is designed to increase awareness about syphilis and to increase testing among young men of color, specifically gay, bisexual and trans-women/men.
  • NewERA: Youth Navigation Program through support from the National Library of Medicine of the National Institutes of Health, two staff persons serve on the national youth advisory committee. They provide expertise, input, and ideas to help impact the lives of youth at risk for and living with HIV.
  • Community Organizing Collaborative is a training program for young men to enhance leadership development and community organization skills to address key problems in their communities.