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Could COVID-19 Bring Back Family Backyard Gardens?

Could COVID-19 Bring Back  Family Backyard Gardens?

By: Otis Wright, JMMF Farm Manager

The recent outbreak of the Coronavirus has equally affected our movements and thoughts as a society. One of the many prevalent thoughts centers around our nation’s food supply. Will there be a shortage of food?

From spices to seasonings, we’ve all seen the shelves appear bare and desolate. However, one section that seems to be withstanding the test of times is the produce section. I must admit – it’s shocking to see that fruits and vegetables (the key foods to health), are not flying off the shelves as fast as other items. However, that might be the case soon; and if it is, people will need to revisit the art of backyard gardening to maintain a healthy food supply. The fact that there has been a recent surge in seed and plant buying is an indication that some are already taking advantage.

This pandemic has awakened many of us to realization that one shouldn’t solely depend on fast food to supply our families. We could all be growing enough food to feed the members of our household and also saving seed for future planting.

If gardening isn’t your “thing”, then consider supporting your local farmers and CSA programs during this time. Most produce farmers are allowing customers to come to the farm and pick up produce with very little contact to avoid spreading the virus.

Fruits and veggies are necessary to maintain a healthy immune system during this health crisis and we should all be motivated to make lifestyle changes that improve our overall health and wellbeing for the longterm. Let us all continue to seek new ways to take care of ourselves and others.

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